A Digital Era
A Connected Era

We introduce our clients to a new era: The Connected Era.

Our mission is to add value to people’s lives and help businesses grow.


SuperPowered Value Chain

The base for our work comes from a super simple idea. The more value we add for people the more value we add for businesses.

Powered by SuperHeroes

Founded in 2015 and based in Amsterdam, SuperPowered is the innovation unit from the SuperHeroes league of agencies.

We connect stuff

People often ask us “what does it mean to bring clients into a connected world? Isn’t it the Internet or digital?” Our answer is simple: We enhance people’s lives with technology. What if you didn’t need to use apps to control things in your day-to-day. What if you didn’t have to adjust the sound of your stereo because it knows how loud you enjoy it and would adapt it if there was noise in the room. Or what if your shower could know the perfect temperature and how long you need a warm shower according to your sleep or agenda. 

We are makers

In our quest to bring people, businesses and brands into a connected ecosystems, we gather a great group of specialists. Our group consists of designers, business & web developers and clever engineers. 

We are agile

Our process is agile, and we work in short cycles. Our always-on mentality helps to maximise efficiency, responsiveness, and nurtures a culture that’s constantly searching for ways to connect the world with SuperPowered technology.